Playgrounds and Urban furniture


Playgrounds, Urban Furniture and Rubber antitrauma carpets are the latest in Casa de Comert Dona’s product range.

Playgrounds are a fantastic experience for both children and parents. For this reason, Casa de Comert Dona has introduced a wide range of assemblies and playground equipment that can be placed both individually and combined into a fun space for every child.

Rubber antitrauma carpets – One of the most important aspects of playgrounds, except functionality and aesthetics, is the safety of children. For this reason, using rubber antitrauma carpets is the safest option for your children’s safety. Whether it’s a public playground or a space arranged in a private courtyard, this product is essential for any parent’s peace of mind.

Urban furniture – solutions for improving the urban landscape, which will combine modern and practical elements to give a captivating experience to public spaces which, by structure, appearance, location, area or locality gives them a unique personality.


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