Compost boxes

Compost boxes



Compost, as final result of composting process, is a stable and hygienic material, similar to forest humus, which can be used as natural fertilizer, avoiding thus the use of chemical fertilizers. It is added in the soil to improve its properties. Adding compost to the soil is considered as a natural means of raising its fertility and rebuilding its quality.

ECO composter is a container in which organic matter is put to turn into compost. These individual units for making compost allow the air to pass through the lot and control the temperature and humidity, avoiding waste dispersion and entrance of rodents and insects. Another advantage of the box is that it allows the easy mixture of waste inside with tools like compost aerator or a narrow grape.

Composted material: kitchen leftovers (fruit and vegetable remains, coffee or tea remains, dust from the housecleaning, etc.), garden waste (branches, dry leaves, grass, flower remains, etc.), all this waste can turn into natural fertilizers for flower pots, garden or orchard in just 6 weeks.

Mono block type structure with a lid on top for the introduction of biodegradable material, and a lid on the lower part for the extraction of the composted material.

Product guarantee: 24 months from delivery.

The whole range of spare parts is insured during guarantee and after.